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How teleconverter works. Teleconverter Review Soligor AF PRO 1.4x
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Receptions photography at long exposures. Light painting.

“Late in the evening, when you sit at home and do not know what to do, experiment with a long exposure.” I think one of the ancient wise men said that, but if I am mistaken, it will be an interesting task to play with the creation of such photos of masterpieces.

What it is? No, this is not a photoshop correction, but simply a play of light.

How it’s done? Very simple, for this purpose there is enough camera with the ability to install it on a tripod, the tripod itself and a flashlight.

The modern digital-compact has no connector for a tripod? Very strange! And if there is no tripod, it is enough to place the camera on a chair, table, pillow, an iron and unbendable hand of a friend. Oh yeah, there is no flashlight … or there is, but the batteries have gone down – also it doesn’t matter, because there is a mobile phone, a PDA, a player, any toy with a display.

Do not believe that everything is so simple? Then I will reveal the secret, the flash photo, the photo of the vase and the wire ball were made using the backlight of the PDA display, and part of it was the display and keyboard of my beloved Nokia and Fedorovna aka. a smartphone.

As all the same such lights and shadows – yes, everything is elementary, but when every time you throw a stone into the water, you get exactly in the center of the circle, then here you draw with light, what you need.

To prepare the “Svetopis” dish, you need to modernize the flashlight, or take the soft light of modern device displays. On the flashlight you need to wear a cardboard tube (tube) so that it does not diffuse the light, but the luminaries purposefully.

In a dark, dark room, place your camera on a tripod. Switch it to timer mode. Timer mode? – it’s just when you press the shutter button, the camera gives you the opportunity to run away from him to a safe distance, and then take a picture, it is often useful when you relax on the Far Islands with a girl, and to the nearest village a thousand nautical miles and ask you to take a photo together , because you put the camera on a tripod, press the shutter button and run to your beloved. When you have reached, the camera takes a picture, however, friends will think that you were not there alone, but these are subtleties.

If you are an avid photographer, you can use the remote control (cable, sneaker, power of thought or assistant). I use the Nikon ML-L3.

Next … on a high chair or any convenient place (for example, I put it on my reflector) put something interesting, for example, a TV … oh … no … a pot, a cup.

Turn on the upgraded flashlight, press the shutter-release button on the camera, turn off the lights in the room and smash the cat, and squeeze the cat tail, draw a flashlight on your subject.

In order to succeed, you need to think about how long it will take to outline the outlines of objects. Usually it is 5-30 seconds of exposure, aperture from F5.6 to F11. ISO to taste from 100 to 400.

By the way, I can’t say for sure about different beautiful highlights and games of colors and shadows, since everything depends on the creative intent, it’s like a mystery – what color is the chameleon when it looks in the mirror? So here, to guess the result is difficult and you need to experiment, sometimes it will take hours.

The flashlight is best to take a halogen or diode, I made a nozzle tube from an ordinary newspaper, securing it with scotch tape.

You can criticize, they say, this is blasphemy, but in the art of criticizing it means explaining to the author what he does not do as the critic would do if he could.

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