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How to succeed in all photos

Taking a new pack of photos from a photo studio, as a rule, we only insert half of them into albums to show to friends later. Others go to the farthest corners of our desk or, even worse, to the trash can. How to avoid this and succeed in all the pictures? A few tips from leading photographers, stylists and makeup artists will help you with this.

Thomas Gallein (photographer) believes that the right way to choose a winning expression is to practice in front of a mirror. Take it as a rule, looking in the mirror, give different expressions to your face, until you find and master the facial expression that you consider the most successful, corresponding to your own self-image.

Veronika Shepovalova and Bridget Serkhan (stylists) warn that the flaws seen in the mirror will be even more noticeable in the picture. In professional practice, much gets better with light, but in amateur photography, the backlight does not apply, so you need to try to look better yourself.

Well, if the makeup is straightforward, natural: soft lines of the lips, clear eyebrows, a lot of mascara on the eyelashes. In amateur photography, it is better not to use mother-of-pearl in make-up, especially mother-of-pearl blush, otherwise a bruise effect on the face may appear. Eyebrows frame the eyes, so they are especially important. They need to comb, and if they are too thick or converge on the nose, then a little tweak. No need to sum up your eyes with a blue, green or tar black pencil: these colors are too harsh for a photo. Note that on black and white film, bright colors will intensify. So, bright red lipstick will come out almost black. In color photography it is better to avoid violet shades in lipstick and rouge. The contour of the lips should not be darker or brighter than lipstick. If you have dark skin, it is best not to use such tones as pink, purple or burgundy. Blondes fit light colors. In a color photo, the foundation should not differ from the color of the skin, and ideally it should be applied to the neck, earlobes and even the hands. With the help of a masking pencil, which usually should be a shade lighter than cream powder, the shadows and bruises under the eyes and reddish spots around the wings of the nose are removed. The face should be properly powdered so that it does not have a greasy luster when it flashes.

The color of clothes can make you shine or, on the contrary, spoil everything. Therefore, you should take care of the correct shades. “Although the world is seven-tenths painted green,” portrait photographer Mike Newming warns, “you don’t need to be photographed on the background of lawns and don’t need to wear green because your face can get the same shade.” In clothes with big shoulders on the photo you will look like a baseball player. You’ll look fresher and younger in a neutral dress — a turtleneck, denim or white shirt — than in a brocade dress or suit. And minimize the number of jewelry and jewelry – it kills the photo. Taking off on a black and white film, it is good to wear black – especially if you have dark hair and large facial features. Blondes should dilute the black color with some white detail, such as a small shawl. Warm colors, for example from the red part of the spectrum, look advantageous on color film.

Contrary to popular belief, when shooting in the open air, it is quite good to shoot against the light – “contreamers,” as professional photographers say. Will the face be dark? And let, but all defects will disappear. But direct sunlight, which gives sharp shadows on the face, should be avoided. If natural light is not enough, it is best to use a black and white film of high sensitivity (400 units). When shooting on color film, you shouldn’t compensate for the lack of natural light with fluorescent lamps: makeup can appear in a photo as terrible phantasmagoria, not to mention the colors of clothes. In general, natural light is good. The flash will highlight every flaw. Shooting on the street is better or early in the morning, or closer to twilight. In the rays of the sunset sun skin will play. The time when the sun is high is not suitable for filming.

Even if you don’t wear contact lenses, your pupils come out in red when you shoot with flash. To avoid this, you need to use the whole world – turn on all the lamps. Some modern cameras have a special mechanism that makes the flash “softer” for the pupils. When the lens is aimed at you, you can not blink. Close your eyes, tell the photographer to count to three and open them exactly on the count of three.

You did not come out tall, full, you have a big nose, a long chin or a wry smile? It is not necessary that the lens is underlined. Chubby is always better to stand not in the center of the frame, but a little to the side. When you are in the center of the photo, you seem more than it actually is. It is not necessary at all to look at the photos in the camera, it is more natural to look a little to the side.

A large nose can be “reduced” by using a light brown tone and the base is slightly darker.

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