Multiple exposure is simply multiple exposures of the same frame. At multiple exposure, the matrix or film is exposed several times. Speaking quite simply, the camera “photographs” several times, and…

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What is distortion
Distortion is mainly of two types - barrel-shaped (convex, Barrel distortion) and pillow-shaped (concave, Pincushion distortion). Distortion is usually called simple ‘barrel‘ and ‘pillow‘. But there is also a complex…

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Bokeh. Thoughts about bokeh.
This article is very filled with subjective opinions. Be patient with patience and understanding. Bokeh is the “character” of an image outside the focus area, its intensity, and the effect…

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Dictionary for the photographer and model

I have already told in one of the previous articles what TFP and TFCD are. But I realized that this is clearly not enough. Exclusive Buyou, Langery, Editorial … Girls who come across a model or near-business business for the first time, who decide to make a portfolio for themselves or just shoot for themselves, as a rule, do not understand these and many other professional terms used in the environment of photographers and models. Therefore, I want to make a small (but replenishable) dictionary on this topic. The material is based on open information from the Internet.

– a company engaged in the training of beginner models and the provision of work in the field of model and show business.

– employee modeling agency, which carries out all contacts with customers.

Beech (portfolio)
– an album with the best photos of the model. According to it, customers get acquainted with the model.

– a person working on promotion and models.

– ability to move model gait.

– a business card with the best photos and model data (name, height, weight, volume, eye color, hair).

– The results of the entire test shooting models printed on photographic paper, which are selected photos for the portfolio.

– professional makeup.

– a person searching for a new top model.

– in the fashion industry – this is a man who demonstrates the models of clothes at the shows (fashion model, mannequin).

Top Model
– famous and popular model.

– a small room for the demonstration of collections.

Stock photography
– (Archival photograph) This is a technical photograph, for photo catalogs of banks of a wide variety of topics.

Exclusive Buyou
– redemption of all rights to the image.

Art nude (art nude)
– artistic nude photography for galleries.

– shooting in clothes, for magazines.

Longe (lingerie)
– shooting in underwear.

Glamor (glamor)
– shooting with a small amount of clothes, the focus is on the model itself.

Topless (topless)
– shooting with naked breasts.

Editorial (editorial) – shooting for magazine publications.

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