What is Vignetting?
Vignetting is the effect of darkening the corners of an image. Often, vignetting is simply called ‘vignette‘ In a broader sense, vignetting is a change in the brightness of an…

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32 golden rules for the photographer and photo model
And although photography is a creative matter, there are some unwritten rules here. Most often they are written in a joking calm. How - you read below ... Photographer's rules…

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How teleconverter works. Teleconverter Review Soligor AF PRO 1.4x
Teleconverter is a special device that helps to increase the focal length of the lens. In fact, the focal length of the lens is a physical quantity and it simply…

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Dictionary for the photographer and model

I have already told in one of the previous articles what TFP and TFCD are. But I realized that this is clearly not enough. Exclusive Buyou, Langery, Editorial … Girls who come across a model or near-business business for the first time, who decide to make a portfolio for themselves or just shoot for themselves, as a rule, do not understand these and many other professional terms used in the environment of photographers and models. Therefore, I want to make a small (but replenishable) dictionary on this topic. The material is based on open information from the Internet.

– a company engaged in the training of beginner models and the provision of work in the field of model and show business.

– employee modeling agency, which carries out all contacts with customers.

Beech (portfolio)
– an album with the best photos of the model. According to it, customers get acquainted with the model.

– a person working on promotion and models.

– ability to move model gait.

– a business card with the best photos and model data (name, height, weight, volume, eye color, hair).

– The results of the entire test shooting models printed on photographic paper, which are selected photos for the portfolio.

– professional makeup.

– a person searching for a new top model.

– in the fashion industry – this is a man who demonstrates the models of clothes at the shows (fashion model, mannequin).

Top Model
– famous and popular model.

– a small room for the demonstration of collections.

Stock photography
– (Archival photograph) This is a technical photograph, for photo catalogs of banks of a wide variety of topics.

Exclusive Buyou
– redemption of all rights to the image.

Art nude (art nude)
– artistic nude photography for galleries.

– shooting in clothes, for magazines.

Longe (lingerie)
– shooting in underwear.

Glamor (glamor)
– shooting with a small amount of clothes, the focus is on the model itself.

Topless (topless)
– shooting with naked breasts.

Editorial (editorial) – shooting for magazine publications.

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